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Constructing Solutions Is What The Lyon Firm Does Best

Fred Lyon has over 35 years of experience in construction law and litigation, involving diverse projects, clients, and contracts with a particular emphasis on the power industry. He is a graduate of Duke University and the University of Virginia School of Law and has a Masters in Liberal Studies from Rollins College. Mr. Lyon has resolved claims of all types throughout the United States, utilizing an aggressive and knowledgeable style and non-traditional approaches to risk allocation. He is not constrained by group-think and he routinely delivers efficient and economical results to satisfied clients.

Types of Projects
• Power plants on national and international basis
• Boiler manufacturing
• Commercial office buildings
• Schools in Florida and Virginia
• Highways in Florida and Georgia
• Mass transit system in Washington D.C.
• Stadiums in Florida
• Hospital in Massachusetts
• Beverage distribution facility in Kansas
• Airports in North Carolina and Georgia
• Amusement park facilities in Florida

Types of Claims
• Delay, disruption and acceleration
• Insurance coverage and subrogation
• Environmental contamination and indemnification
• Differing site conditions
• Construction defects and warranty
• Professional malpractice
• Terminations, default and convenience

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