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The Lyon Firm P.A. is regarded as one of the premier boutique law firms in the country. With over 35 years of experience in construction, energy and commercial law, the firm’s founder, Fred Lyon, shapes the philosophy of this iconoclastic practice. With its proactive and innovative approach to the resolution of disputes, the firm distinguishes itself through its commitment to Economy and Efficiency.

Economy. Law firm billing for expenses is based on an antiquated model resistant to change. Law firms remain one of the few business organizations which continue to bill clients for routine overhead expenses like long distance, postage, on-site copying, and faxes. The Lyon Firm does not bill these routine expenses. In addition, it does not bill for overnight delivery charges of less than $50, local travel, or travel time.

Efficiency. In order to serve client needs most efficiently, The Lyon Firm is structured to avoid unnecessary overhead. Matters are staffed in accordance with the client’s requirements, not simply to enhance billing time to insure that excessive monthly overhead can be absorbed. The Firm is allied with Shields Mott, a New Orleans based construction firm that provides added resources so that the Lyon Firm can handle the most complex matters.Given this experience, the Firm is uniquely qualified to economically handle even the most complex matters.

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